BIOBUILD, a Horizon Europe project, aiming to provide thermal solutions for energy efficiency in buildings, officially launches its website! The BIOBUILD website is your gateway to sustainable and innovative construction, towards a greener future. It serves as a vital tool for communicating the essence of our project –objectives, challenges, innovative solutions, as well as impacts on the environment and construction industry.

Thermal Solutions for Green Buildings

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Join us on a learning journey by exploring the homepage of our website. BIOBUILD’s central hub, presents a glimpse into the groundbreaking research, challenges and solutions developed by the project. On this page, you can also delve deeper into the core elements of the project simply by clicking on any of the building blocks. Whether you are interested in the use and development of eco-friendly materials we are testing, curious about innovative production processes or optimization methods, each building block serves as a source of knowledge.

At BIOBUILD, we are committed to testing and implementing eco-friendly materials that redefine the norms of construction. From mycelium-based wallboards to bio-binders derived from lignin and plant oils, the project explores a diverse range of sustainable options aimed at reducing environmental footprint.

BIOBUILD’s production processes prioritize innovation and sustainability. The project employs cutting-edge techniques that reduce environmental footprints of construction. Learn more about the project’s impregnation methods, the thermovuoto process, the microwave approach and bio-binders of plant oil resins, lignin and fungal mycelia.

BIOBUILD project designs and produces wood building prototypes using impregnated bioPCM wood flooring and wallboards. There will be two houses built in Sweden and Spain (link to pages). The project will also evaluate the sustainability of the products and perform dynamic building performance simulations. These simulations will play a pivotal role in selecting the optimal material properties of bioPCM relative to specific climatic conditions and will generate energy consumption data throughout the operational phase for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

The outcomes and impacts of the BIOBUILD project are highly positive on environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, innovation and technology development as well as economic benefits. BIOBUILD aims to significantly reduce environmental footprints, prioritise eco-friendly solutions and foster a green construction industry.

Explore BIOBUILD’s demo sites where our innovative solutions are put to the test in real-world settings. Additionally, delve into our media corner, featuring press releases, scientific publications, events and more.

Stay informed about the latest developments in sustainable and innovative construction and be a part of the conversation driving green change.

We invite you to visit our website, explore its various pages, and engage with the vibrant BIOBUILD community on social media @biobuildEU. Learn about the potential of bio-based building materials and join us in shaping a greener future.

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