Developing circular, eco-friendly, and innovative solutions to reduce emissions from the construction industry

INGUMA – Reducing the ecological footprint of consumer goods through public dialogue and innovative bio-based materials

Woodcircles develops solutions for circular use of wood construction materials, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, and materials consumption

The BIOBUILD network aims to define and enhance the activities of its EU Project Cluster, focusing on collaborative efforts that advance the field of bio-based building materials and energy-efficient construction. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of our activities, events, research and other joint activities.

The objective of our sister projects is to establish a productive collaboration where expertise and knowledge are exchanged and shared. The network aims to push the boundaries on sustainable building practices and energy efficiency. Our initiatives are dedicated to finding synergies among our cluster, sharing best practices, and supplying critical data to support the development of new EU policy initiatives.

One of the primary goals of our shared actions is to produce coordinated outputs that can inform policy recommendations. By working together, we can ensure that our findings and innovations are effectively communicated to policymakers, industry leaders, experts and other stakeholders. In addition to policy work, we also focus on cooperative exploitation and dissemination initiatives, ensuring that the knowledge and technologies developed through our projects are widely distributed.

Our clusters’ activities are not just about research and policy, but also about fostering a community of practice. Through regular events, workshops, and conferences, we provide platforms for stakeholders to connect, learn, and collaborate. These gatherings are essential for exchanging ideas, showcasing advancements, and building networks that support ongoing and future projects.

Joint Activities

Our upcoming activities include two workshops focused on key topics in sustainable construction:

Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building Materials (check the event details here): This workshop will explore innovative materials and methods that enhance energy efficiency in building construction.

Policy Opportunities for Building Material Circularity: This workshop will examine the policy landscape and opportunities for promoting circularity in building materials, aiming to create a more sustainable lifecycle for these materials.

In addition to these workshops, we will be publishing a policy brief and a whitepaper on eco-friendly and biobased building materials. These publications will be developed in collaboration with relevant EU-funded projects to enhance the future policymaking process. They will provide valuable insights to stakeholders about market opportunities and inform them about the latest advancements and best practices in the field.

We invite you to explore the sister projects above. Each project contributes to our collective mission and brings valuable expertise to our cluster. By delving into these projects, you will gain insights into the cutting-edge research, innovative practices, and collaborative efforts that shape the BIOBUILD network.