As an industrial partner in the BIOBUILD project, Pervanovo Invest plays a crucial role in producing flooring of PCM-treated wood for the showcase houses.

Leveraging its extensive expertise in flooring production, the company excels in constructing dimensionally stable floorboards, optimising timber cutting to utilise wood properties and grain structure efficiently, and mastering glueing and pressing technologies. Their advanced wear-resistant surface treatment and innovative locking system ensure easy installation solutions.

Pervanovo is enthusiastic about its involvement and contribution in a research project like BIOBUILD that brings together competent partners from science and industry to develop an innovative product aimed at contributing to energy savings and supporting the transition towards a climate-neutral economy.

For parquet production. Pervanovo sources logs from the Croatian forest authority, Hrvatske Šume, transporting them to the factory with its own lorries.

BIOBUILD Blog Illustration
BIOBUILD Blog Illustration

The production process includes cutting elements from the logs, drying them, and then cutting final lamellas from the dried elements. These lamellas are used for the middle layer, the decor layer and a balancing backing veneer which are glued and pressed into raw planks.

Depending on the product type, different pressing lines are employed, including a hot-press for thermo-setting resins and a cold press for other applications.

First trials in a pre-study revealed that the cold pressing line is required for PCM-treated material, making thermo-setting resin unsuitable. PCM-treated material has different surface properties compared to untreated material which may pose challenges in finding a glue that provides a sufficiently strong bond between the treated middle layer and the surface and backing layers of the parquet planks.

We anticipate the first delivery of treat material in the upcoming weeks, which will enable us to conduct bonding tests using our commonly used glues.

Established in 1993, Pervanovo Invest AB is a prominent investment and R&D company fully owned by the Pervan family. The company’s approach revolves around leveraging knowledge, technology, and a team of highly competent employees to drive industry advancements.

With an equity value exceeding €2,000 million, based on the market value of assets, and a workforce of approximately 2,500 employees, the Pervanovo group stands as a significant entity in various sectors. The group’s core focus remains on R&D through its majority-owned subsidiary, Välinge Innovation AB.

However, over the years, Pervanovo has diversified its portfolio to include flooring production and sales under the brand name Bjelin, wood-based material processing (including veneer and furniture production), real estate and tourism.

BIOBUILD Blog Illustration

A principal long-term objective for Pervanovo is to establish itself as a world-leading sustainable and integrated flooring producer. This goal is supported by the powder technology developed and patented by Välinge, alongside the in-house production of key raw materials.

Pervanovo’s factories have an annual production capacity of 1.6 million square meters of parquet and 5.5 million square meters of Woodura®-flooring, a new type of robust veneer flooring. Additionally, a capacity for producing a further 10 million square meters is under construction.